Vitamin Patch Technology & Mechanism

Vitamin Patch Technology & Mechanism

The transdermal drug delivery system is designed to deliver active drugs or nutrients. When applied to the skin penetrates its outer layer (stratum corneum) to reach the systemic circulation. This penetration gives ingredients the fastest absorption in the bloodstream without any barrier like other dosage forms for achieving maximum bioavailability. 

NutraPatch Vitamin patches are Matrix type, composed of 5 layers. 
  • Backing Layeris the very top layer that is seen through naked eyes also called face sheet. It is made up of Polyethylene. Its primary purpose is to protect the patch. It provides structural support to the matrix of micro-vitamins present in the patch.
  • Multi-Nutrient Layeris where all the magic happens. Consisting of Nano-sized active ingredients containing micro-vitamins, this layer ensures an adequate supply of vitamins throughout the day and night within 8 hours.
  • Contact Adhesive layer is for the time-release absorption, this layer is almost weightless, consisting of non-crossing acrylic polymer with pressure-sensitive natural adhesives that conform to the skin type, this part of the transdermal patch works in conjunction with the Multi-Nutrient Layer for efficient adhesion and direct absorption into the skin.
  • Release Liner is the outer layer that is separated from the adhesive layer & dispose of. The part of the transdermal patch is removed before use so that the adhesive layer and its contents stay fresh for extended storage. This keeps the patch safe during transport and storage.
  • Penetrative Layer is where all the absorption is done for the nutrients desire beneficial results i.e.,working alongside the Nutrient Layer and the Contact Adhesive, body's natural heat and skin's humidity begin slowly extracting vitamins out from the adhesive. The ingredients are then absorbed through the outer-most layer of the skin, where blood vessels lay, waiting to take in all the nutrients.
These layers are very important and they are specifically arranged according to their desire function and compatibility with each other. Their positioning supports each other mechanisms and efficient nutrient releasing when applied to the skin.

The composition of patch components and layers are hypoallergenic, can withstand high temperature, physical activity, water exposure, and sweat-resistance. 

In addition, the proprietary adhesive ensures that the patch sticks to the skin while also being easy to remove once all nutrients are absorbed in the body.

How nutrients are incorporated into a small patch? 
They go through a series of filtration and testing procedures to fit in. Not all nutrients are suitable for patch delivery. The only nutrients that can be used are those that can penetrate the skin, that are sufficiently potent to be active and that meet a clinical need.
  • The maximal skin penetration flux: Nutrient should show solubility and diffusion in the stratum cornea.
  • Limited size range: Molecular weight largely affects solubility and cannot pass skin barrier to reach the systemic circulation.
  • Vitamin & minerals solubility: if nutrients are fully charged they become a large complex with water molecules and this complex could not cross lipid bilayer (Skin Penetration).
After all these considerations, they are converted into Nano-sized particles and applied on the patch in the form of a gel, solution or suspension according to its type, compatibility and penetration. 

Various penetration enhancers e.g. ethanol, oleic acid, dodecylanime significantly improves the delivery of nutrients into the bloodstream.

The gradual advancement in technology has made it possible to apply Vitamin patches that deliver vitamins through your bloodstream. With all-natural ingredients, this technology is much safer and easier for everyone.
Containing enormous health benefits over conventional dosage form to bypass the liver and gastric metabolism it provides maximum bioavailability. 
Hence, you get Nano-sized nutrients within this patch that call for better absorption and are easier to use than oral tablets. Vitamins absorption has now been designed in a dosage form for maximum absorption with this little invention, i.e., nutrients in a patch. 

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