What Is a
Vitamin Patch?

Vitamin patches deliver vitamins and minerals safely and uniformly into the bloodstream through the pores in your skin. It is an easy way to take your vitamins without having to ingest them. Vitamin patches do not contain worthless fillers, binders and synthetics that are dangerous for your body.

Vitamin consumption made easy

Our best vitamin patches make consuming vitamins simple. These patches-which include vitamin D patches and Biotin plus patches deliver nutrients straight via the skin, therefore avoiding the digestive system. Convenient substitutes for conventional supplements, they provide consistent release and greater absorption. Purchase vitamin patches Online Either single pack or a bundle for multiple needs.

Just Peel it, Stick it and get the boost of only clean nutrients that don’t interfere with daily life.

How It Works

1. Peel

Carefully peel one patch from the sheet without touching the adhesive.

2. Stick

Stick it on the hairless part of the skin we recommend; the inner forearm.

3. Feel Good

Discard the patch after 8 to 12 hours; wear the patch daily for best results.

Shop Bundles

Build A Bundle

Combine our best-rated vitamin patches to create a package. Pick from products such as the Immune-Booster Patch, Biotin Plus Patch, Hormone Balance Patch, and Anxiety Aid Patch. Personalize your pack by adding the Skin-Care Patch or Instant-Energy Patch for a holistic approach to health and efficient nutrient delivery.

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