About NutraPatch

NutraPatch offers variety of wellness products for life’s common deficiencies. We use tried and true ingredients that are 100% natural & plant based and tested by several 3rd party pharmacological testing laboratories. NutraPatch came together in 2019 with one simple idea in mind: administration form of multivitamins and minerals which does not involve the digestive process. We always had the desire to introduce the method to deliver best vitamins in a profoundly more effective way. The pandemic was a frightening time for all of us. The importance of taking vitamins was becoming preeminent in a lot of people throughout the universe. With an extensive research by Team NutraPatch; it was found out taking vitamins in the pill form isn’t the favorable method for most of the multivitamin consumers - this research was backed by a list of over 100 top doctors and healthcare workers nationally.

Here is why oral supplements should be replaced by a Transdermal drug delivery method:

Absorption levels are low for oral supplements; when a multivitamin tablet is swallowed the nutrients passes through the stomach and then the liver before they reaches the bloodstream where they can be utilized by the body. Some of the nutrients are lost via excretion from the gut, the remainder make their way to the liver where some are then broken down, what is left after this process passes into the bloodstream. This means only a percentage of vitamin and minerals swallowed make it to the blood circulation from where they are utilized by the body. With a Transdermal patch active ingredients passes through your skin and directly into the bloodstream, which of course means much more of an active ingredient (the required nutrition) can be used by the body.

The Benefit

NutraPatch patches are based on a timed-release technology; they work steadily and consistently over the period of 8-12 hours. Simply peel and stick and dispose off, consumer is in complete control, unlike vitamin pills!

The Progress

Research and development team of NutraPatch is currently working on many more fantastic products and exciting formulations within the Transdermal industry, all at the cutting edge of science.


NutraPatch is manufactured in the USA to the strict ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ facilities, in accordance with the US good manufacturing practice guidelines and guidelines issued by the US Food and Drug administration.

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