Energy Enhancing Vitamins

Energy Enhancing Vitamins

In today’s chaotic routine we always dream to live life to the fullest and to do that, we drive ourselves crazy to complete our everyday To-Do List.
Most of the time this list is not completed, whether it is about going for a walk after a busy day, hitting the gym, planning fancy dinner with the family, hanging out with friends, or giving time to your interests. The continuous feeling of sluggishness and run down made us get through the day only.

Why we are lacking behind and are not able to perform actively? That guilt for not achieving our daily goals is not just about us or our over-burden list (or increase workload) but it’s maybe our body is trying to tell us something……..

Have you ever wonder, why we do this; the constant feeling of lethargy, exhaustion, and fatigue haunt us all day. 

We know for sure that we are lacking in our energy levels but we do not admit that we need a permanent and healthy solution to boost up our energy levels back to full recharge. 

Well, there is a key ingredient that works wonders for your consistent low energy!!!!

Okay so let us take you on a scientific ride so you can understand this magic ingredient well. 

Cyanocobalamin is commonly known as “The Famous Vitamin B12” is a highly complex and an essential vitamin also owing to its name to the fact that it contains the mineral, cobalt. 

So what benefits this energy inherited vitamin have? 

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble that is crucial for our cells, blood formation, brain, and muscles. It’s no wonder that B12 is the go-to vitamin when it comes to boosting your metabolism and strengthening your immune system. 
While it’s hard to narrow down all the perks of vitamin B12 to just a handful, here are few benefits: 
It facilitates different energy-yielding metabolism at cellular levels to give you instant energy. For the Brain, it increases concentration, alertness, and clarity. It supports normal muscle function and helps in the formation of red blood cells which gives you energy as well by absorbing oxygen, which in turn helps to meet your increased oxygen demand. It also alleviates the symptoms of stress and anxiety and enhances your mood while keeping you positive. These are only its very few but renowned benefits to the human body. 

The majority of people suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency which could be due to various factors.Also, a lack of vitamin B12 is commonly considered a typical vegan disorder because it is mainly found in animal foods like red meat and seafood.  

Now you know what makes this vitamin so special and we are pleased to offer this vitamin in our vitamin patch range.

How does Instant Energy help?

NutraPatch’s Instant-energy patch is packed with 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12; this ingredient can provide you instant & consistent dose of energy all day. But the story doesn’t end here, it is also packed with other ingredients like Green Tea Extracts, Guarana, Vitamin B6 and Ginger that supports each other absorption and synergizes the effect for total strength and stamina. This patch not only serves as an energy source but also acts as a daily nutritional supplement because of its extensive range of ingredients. 

Instant-Energy Patch is without any crash ingredients & is only packed with natural, organic, and quality-driven composition. The easy-to-use transdermal technology and time-release absorption of nutrients make this tiny vitamin patch handy & helpful. It gives you the optimum energy and facilitates different energy-yielding metabolism which serves as a great source of overall physical and mental performance.

Wear this patch in the day time to make the most out of these ingredients. This is the best combination for anyone who is looking for taking a complete nutritional source for overall health & energy to carry out the daily tasks. 
So, do not live on low energy and recharge your daily energy levels for a healthy and active lifestyle.

NutraPatch – Rethink Vitamins.

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