Stronger Immunity for Stronger Infections

Stronger Immunity for Stronger Infections

With the advancement in technology and the healthcare system, the future of healthcare is shaping up. A lot of things have been improved and people have benefitted accordingly. These advancements are not only confined to better health, but it also results in the advancement of more resistant and pathogenic organisms.
Let’s have a look at how these organisms have transformed themselves to become more lethal for the human race.
These microscopic size organism’s viruses and bacteria have improved a lot. They can invade the human cell, take over its inner mechanisms to make more similar DNA to potentially improve its structure for anti-viral formulations. They have developed strong resistance with some gene-changing capability which is innate in their structure. This variant nature changes with every human host. They can change their shape, form, and symptoms according to their respective host. Also, when transferring from one person to another these symptoms and viruses become more difficult to handle and treat. 
The human immune system is unpredictable, and it is the first one to port of call in the fight to stave off infections and disease.
After the COVID 19 outbreak has certainly given us all time for introspection - to look at the quality of our lives and how little we bother about taking care of ourselves. While self-preservation is an innate instinct for all living beings.
Now, with the advancement of ingredients and their improved benefits to enhance immunity they can promote different mechanisms that directly or indirectly facilitate giving a person maximum and stronger immunity. 
NutraPatch is introducing Immune-Booster Patch packed with ‘Colostrum’.
Colostrum is that magic ingredient that helps stimulates the immune system by producing a high concentration of antibodies i.e., IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight viruses and bacteria. Colostrum source is from cow’s milk. Its IgG is the primary immunoglobulin class found in bovine colostrum and milk. 

Immune-Booster other ingredients also have a synergistic effect on a healthy immune system.

Omega 3 with both (DHA & EPA) have properties that support a healthy heart, brain, vision, and energy. Vitamin C & E are a powerful antioxidant that supports the body against any free radical degeneration and aging. They reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin C also boosts immunity and helps save us from common infections like a common cold, flu, and fever. 
This Patch is specially formulated to cope up with the advance and stubborn infections that effects the human body for lethal death.
We humans have forgotten that healthy living is the best way to achieve that goal. Feeling of run down from lack of sleep, poor diet, overwork, or stress, this patch can contribute to burnout and fatigue. When feeling this way, your immune system can be compromised.

Immune Booster Patch can jumpstart your immune system with one of the most complete mixes of immune stimulants, antioxidants, vitamins, and omega- 3.

NutraPatch – Rethink Vitamins

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    This blog has become my trusted guide for learning about effective ways to boost immunity and stay healthy. Thank you for providing such informative and empowering content!
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