Hormone Balance Patch - NutraPatch
Hormone Balance Patch - NutraPatch
Hormone Balance Patch - NutraPatch

Hormone Balance Patch

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  • Clinically Tested
  • Formulated in USA
  • 12 patches in each pack

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Rebalance your Hormonal Health Naturally!

Introducing Hormone Balance Patch, meticulously designed to offer comprehensive support for hormonal health. Formulated with Myo and D Chiro Inositol, Vitex, Zinc, and Magnesium, it provides natural relief for symptoms associated with PMS and PCOS.

Myo Inositol, a member of the B-vitamin family, is renowned for its role in promoting hormonal balance. Paired with D Chiro Inositol, this dynamic duo collaborates to regulate insulin sensitivity, promote ovarian function, and alleviate symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, and mood swings.

With our Hormone Balance Patch, you can experience the advantages of targeted hormone support throughout the day. Simply apply the patch and let its sustained release technology offer you continuous support, aiding you in regaining control and finding balance in your hormonal journey


Myo Inositol

10 mg
Essential B-vitamin compound, supports hormone regulation, promotes ovarian health, balances overall well-being

Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

5 mg
Vitex is a herbal remedy for conditions such as irregular periods, menstrual cramps, and hormonal imbalances.


2 mg
Zinc supports hormone production, ovarian function, reduces inflammation, and promotes thyroid health


2 mg
Magnesium supports hormone production, regulating insulin sensitivity, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation and sleep.

D Chiro Inositol

0.25 mg
D-chiro inositol is used as a supplement to support hormonal balance, especially in conditions like PCOS 


Myo Inositol, a member of the B-vitamin family, plays a crucial role in hormone regulation, particularly in women. It promotes hormonal balance by improving insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance. 

Additionally, Myo Inositol supports ovarian function and aids in the production and balance of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. By addressing these key aspects of hormonal balance, Myo Inositol can alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like PCOS and PMS, such as irregular periods, acne, and mood swings.

Vitex, also known as Chaste tree berry, is an herbal remedy derived from the fruit of the chaste tree. It aids in hormone regulation by acting on the pituitary gland, which controls the release of various hormones in the body. Vitex helps regulating the menstrual cycle and promote ovulation. 

Additionally, Vitex may help reduce elevated levels of prolactin, a hormone associated with menstrual irregularities and fertility issues.

We advice consulting healthcare providers before using the hormone balance patch during Pregnancy and lactation

  • Peel and stick the patch on the hairless part of the upper body surface, preferably the inner arm or wrist.
  • Make sure to clean that area for secure adhesion and it should not have any oil or moisturizer residues.
  • Apply the patch for 12 hours, when done, remove the patch and discard it in the trash.
  • Repeat with the new patch the next day. Do not re-use the same patch

All our individual patches undergo verification of their vitamin concentration through the Authentic Testing Laboratory in Pakistan, which is ISO-17025 certified. These patches are based on nanotechnology and are activated by body temperature and moisture. They start delivering nutrients immediately upon application to the skin, typically within 1 to 2 minutes. When used regularly, they have shown to provide beneficial results within a few use

How to Use

1. Peel

Carefully peel one patch from the sheet without touching the adhesive.

2. Stick

Stick it on the hairless part of the skin we recommend; the inner forearm.

3. Feel Good

Discard the patch after 8 to 12 hours; wear the patch daily for best results.



All-natural ingredients without any binders, fillers, & colorants


Absorb nutrients uniformly and directly into the bloodstream


Make your life easier by wearing your vitamins to get maximum absorption through the skin


  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water. If water isn’t available, you can use hand sanitizer instead.
  • Prepare and clean the skin to remove any dirt, lotions, oils, or powders. Clean the skin using warm water alone or with a clear soap. Dry the skin with a clean towel or paper towel.
  • Open the package carefully by tearing it open or using scissors. Avoid tearing or cutting the patch itself. If you tear or cut the patch, do not use it.

Applying the Patch

  • Take the patch out of the packaging. Remove the protective liner on the patch as directed by the patch instructions. Be careful not to touch the sticky side of the patch.
  • Place the patch, sticky side down, onto the hairless area of skin. Using the palm of your hand, press down on the patch to ensure it is firmly attached to your skin.
  • Choose a spot to place the patch where it will attach well. Avoid skin that; has open cuts or sores, has creases, gets rubbed a lot, has a lot of hair (if needed, trim the hair in that area or shave), Will be covered by a belt or clothing seam.
  • After applying the patch, use your fingers to press along the edges of the patch. The patch should be smooth, with no bumps or folds.

Finishing up

  • Throw away the outer covering and release liner in a closed trashcan.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water to remove any medication.
      • Patch Application: Apply the patch to a clean, dry, and hairless area of your skin. You can apply the patch on the upper body's surface, e.g., arms, shoulders, back. Do not apply the patch to the lower extremities, such as legs and feet.
      • Rotate locations: You may rotate the location where you apply the patch. This is because placing a new patch in a different area will increase absorption and decrease the chances of skin irritation.
      • Timing: NutraPatch can be worn during the day or night. For best results, wear the patch for 8-12 hours.
      • Don't overlap patches: If you are using more than one patch at a time, do not overlap them; do not place one patch on top of another. The entire sticky side needs to be in direct contact with your skin.
      • Don't soak the patch: Feel free to shower as usual and get the patch wet. However, do not keep the patch underwater for long periods. This can cause it to loosen or fall off.
      • Store patches carefully: Carefully store unused patches and dispose of used ones. Both used and unused patches contain an active drug, so keep them away from children and pets.
      • Avoid heating pads: Do not use a heating pad on your body where you're wearing a patch. The heat can cause the patch to release its drug faster, which could lead to an overdose.
          Please Note: Nutritional patches are a new technology. As with any nutritional supplements, consumers should use nutrition patches according to their healthcare providers' recommendations and regularly monitor nutrient levels through lab work as they would when taking any dietary supplements. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. NutraPatch Transdermal vitamin Patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone with a medical condition should seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individual results may vary.

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